Sunday, March 19, 2017

The World Changing Ideas Of 2017 | Fast Company

The World Changing Ideas Of 2017 | Fast Company

From global democracy to
creating a new fish-based food system, nine ideas that could change the
world for the better in 2017 and beyond.

we’ve collected nine big ideas–from replacing factory farms with fish farms to creating a true global democracy–that
can help us imagine the kind of world we can build once we elect
leaders who will enact the revolutionary changes necessary to create a
sustainable and more equitable future.

Climate writer Paul
Hawken’s new book offers a comprehensive–and not all that daunting–list
of exactly what we need to do to stop carbon emissions
. Companies are figuring out new ways to create circular economies and eliminate waste. Even Republicans are on board with renewable energy–as long as it’s the wind power that’s benefiting their states.When we unveil our first-ever World Changing Idea Awards on March 20

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